"What If You Could Get Your Own Website Set Up in Less Than a Day?”

Here is a Very Simple Solution You Can Implement Today!

Victoria_VirgoHello, my name is Victoria Virgo and I am from London, England. I have been creating simple websites for a few years now. When I first started out, I used a free website.

It didn't take me too long to realise that there were certain limitations to the free option. The major limitation being that I would never have complete control.

Someone else owned the website and they could shut it down whenever they wanted to. All my hard work would be lost forever.

Why You Should Create Your Own Website

I finally decided to invest in myself and I set up my very first website using the most popular platform out there, called WordPress. Today I have several websites set up and I use them for different things. Guess what? You could do the same thing too.

You Can Create a Simple Website to

  • Promote your offline business
  • Make money online
  • Share your hobby or personal journey to help others
  • Provide your professional services to a wider audience
  • Write for fun


If you want to do any of these things, then now is the time to invest in yourself and get your brand new website up and running.


"How To Create a Simple Website"

Training Programme

This training programme has been developed so that someone who has very little to no experience with websites can follow the instructions and get a site on the internet.

If you know how to add photos and updates to Facebook or Twitter, you will have no problems getting to grips with this easy to follow tutorial.

In This Report & Tutorial You Will Learn

  • How to choose your website name
  • How to purchase your website name
  • How to get hosting so that your website gets on the internet
  • How to set up a WordPress website – the most popular platform ever!
  • The 10 useful WordPress plugins you need to run your site successfully
  • How to publish your very first post for the world to see
  • How to change the look of your WordPress site


This tutorial is being offered at a super low introductory price so that you can get started straight away.

In this training you will receive

  • An introductory PDF report that will show you how to choose and buy your website name. It will also show you how to connect that new name to your new hosting account.
  • 12 videos that will show you step by step how to get your very first blog post published

Comprehensive Product Details

  • An introductory PDF report with Screenshots
  • A second PDF report with video tutorial descriptions and links

12 step by step tutorial videos covering:

  1. Installing WordPress with Quick Install
  2. Logging into WordPress for the first time
  3. How to change default settings in WordPress
  4. How to install WordPress Plugins - Part 1
  5. How to install WordPress Plugins - Part 2
  6. How to install WordPress Plugins - Part 3
  7. How to configure your WordPress Plugins
  8. How to create a page in WordPress
  9. How to create a post in WordPress
  10. How to add an image to your post or page
  11. How to create a custom menu in WordPress
  12. How to change & install a WordPress theme

"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with the course, simply get in touch and you will be refunded. But I am confident that you will enjoy this course and you will be sending me details and the link to your brand new website. :)

How to Create a Simple Website

Are you ready to claim your place on the internet with your very own website? Don't delay. Click the Buy Button and get to work on setting up your new online home. :)

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